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From golf club fitting to equipment advice, we provide professional, courteous service.

We now offer long distance golf club fitting to those not able to come to our Fitting Studio. Response has been great and reviews all favorable. We have culled information and questions from various sources and developed an extensive and thorough fitting questionnaire that will give us the information necessary to build you a properly fitted set of golf clubs.

While the questionnaire may not be quite as good as an “in person” fitting, it is not far off. Its in depth and detailed analysis is by far better than what is commonly available in the local golf shops and from most “hobby fitters.” All reports to date from our initial test individuals have been excellent and positive.

Sound simple? It is just that simple! Once a decision is made on your clubs and unique configuration, the custom build begins and your clubs are shipped in approximately 7 to 10 days.

Don’t put it off any longer! A professional golf club fitting is just a click away. That’s it. Nice, easy, …simple! And as always, remember, “Better Golf Is Just A Fit Away!”

All work and materials are 100% guaranteed and a lifetime warranty is given on all equipment!

I was quite pleased with his service. I think my game will improve with the new clubs. Time will tell. It was a great presentation – not a hard sell, and very professional.
Having never had a club fitting other than thru the likes of Golfmart. etc., I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Doc. He checked my swing with several of my clubs and proceeded to assemble a driver and iron that I had immediate positive results. Pretty impressive when combined with the fact that he also worked on my balance and alignment. Truly a great experience and looking forward to receipt of my new clubs.

What We Measure

Our relationship is actually just beginning when you have your fitting and receive your precision engineered equipment. Once you have your equipment, our commitment to you is that we will work with you on any thing that you feel needs to be adjusted or tweaked. If you need questions answered, we’re here to answer them. If you ever have a problem with a product or our work, we will make it right at no extra charge, guaranteed! One thing we want to impress upon our customers is that they are never “stuck.” We are here to work with you in any way that we can.

Once we have all the measurements, we will sit down with you and go over each one, what they mean and how they relate to you as a golfer. We will then make our recommendations as to type of club head, shaft, and grip and why we recommend what we do.

Once the decision is made as to the WHAT and you understand the WHY, we then painstakingly begin the process of building your clubs. Our standard procedure with building involves orienting the shaft in its most stable and playable position in the club head, balancing the set or club out with the correct frequency, making sure that the set is MOI matched and correct for you, and that the lie angle, grip, length and vibrational frequency are all correct for you.

Technology has taken sports to a level of competition unlike anything seen before. More accurate sports measurement systems have resulted in improvements in many aspects of many sports – not only for players, but for spectators, too. One such technological advent is that of 3D ball tracking. This is great for golfers, for example, who are looking for a ball tracking monitor or 3D golf radar and a method of golf swing analysis that provides genuinely useful feedback. If you’ve been wondering how 3D Doppler tracking works to enhance your game, wonder no more!

The secret of FlightScope’s 3D ball tracking success lies in the patented phased array tracking technology that is used in the device. The two main technological aspects of the FlightScope 3D motion tracking device are its radar technology (very similar to that which is used in the military), and its advanced industrial electronics. So what does this mean for you in a practical sense? Well, it means you have access to a level of ball measurement and ball tracking that is difficult to beat.

How does the 3D Doppler Tracking Golf Radar work?

FlightScope’s 3D ball tracking devices and golf radars can measure a number of variables related to golf balls.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Ball speed
  • Vertical and Horizontal launch angles
  • Sidespin
  • Backspin

How does 3D Doppler Tracking Radar work with golf clubs?

Flightscope’s 3D motion tracking devices are not just about ball measurement; they can also help with your golf swing analysis by measuring variables related to your golf club, such as:

  • Club head speed
  • Club vertical attack angle
  • Club horizontal attack angle
  • Club face angle

The ball’s trajectory after it has been launched is also measured, which means you have exceptionally comprehensive ball measurement information instantly available, aiding you in your ongoing quest to improve your golf swing.

A Professional Fitting

Watch Master Club Fitter Doc Griffin as he walks through the fitting process.

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