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Better Golf is Just a Fit Away!

If you’re looking for a high quality, knowledgeable, thorough, and professional golf club fitting service, you’ve come to the right place!

At Doc Griffin Golf, we’ll give you exceptional service and unmatched personal attention and satisfaction. We have extensive experience with golfers of all skill levels from beginners to PGA Tour players and can provide you with the best custom golf club fitting experience.

We use the latest in fitting methodology and tools and offer the best in equipment selections.

Good golf is impossible with ill fitted equipment. Let us put our experience to work for you. Better golf is just a fit away!

Custom Fitting with Free Lessons

At Doc Griffin Golf, we take our mantra that “Better Golf Is Just A Fit Away!” seriously. To help you reach your full potential, we’re offering a series of FREE lessons with every fitting and club purchase. The number of lessons increases with your purchase volume, so the more you invest in your game, the more we invest in you. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your golf skills. Act now and experience the difference!

Things to consider when looking for a competent professional fitter.

1. How much experience do they have?​

2. What training and what level of education do they have in fitting?​

3. Do they have knowledge of the science of fitting such as the correlation of lie and length, weight and flex, or the benefits of club head design rather than brand?​

4. Do they have any industry recognition or awards?​

5. Are they willing to discuss with you their fitting procedures?​

6. If going to a retail store, are you being fit by a specialist or an hourly employee?​

Choosing A Fitter

You have options but you get bombarded with all kinds of advertising telling you that you should use their service. Let’s look at few talking points and examine if they are really important in choosing your fitter.

When you consider that the PGA school spends very little class time dedicated to fitting, it would seem that there is no real benefit. The main purpose of the PGA school is to teach the individual how to manage and run a golf facility, usually a golf course. Of course, the PGA professional will get some education from equipment manufactures but at best it is just a matter of the basics. Additional training is always available but time constraints will limit the amount and depth of training pursued as club fitting is not their primary focus. This is not to say that there are no PGA professionals that are experienced and competent fitters, but they are by far, in the minority. In fact, if you ask for a fitting at a PGA facility, depending on the size of said facility, you are more likely to have the fitting done by an assistant.
While it may sound impressive, it just isn’t necessary. There is a tremendous amount of playability duplication. While a professional fitter will have an ample amount of different heads and shaft combinations with which to fit, having over 50,000 different combinations is an attempt to impress the market place with a number that is just absolutely irrelevant. One thing that you will also notice is that the cost of equipment is significantly higher than at other fitting establishments. Fact is, a custom set of clubs does not cost any more than a set purchased off the rack. Also, most equipment companies offer a variety of shafts that are available at no upcharge. In most instances, at these facilities, the cost of the fitting is also inflated.
Your fitter usually will be an hourly employee that generally likes golf and got a job “selling” golf equipment. Their training consists primarily of on line modules and what may be handed down from a manufacturer’s reps. Keep in mind, these reps are not trained at fitting, they are trained in product knowledge and selling to the retailer. I have actually seen one of these training modules that I’ve mentioned and it suggests that to change a club for someone needing a more upright club, to adjust the club to a longer length. Add ½” for every 1* needed. WOW! Imagine what this does to the player that has a short wrist to floor measurement and already needs shorter clubs! This is just one example of the flaws in fitting methods and there are plenty others but time and space limit the number that I will share.

Fact is, in most of these fittings, the procedure is to keep handing you clubs and asking you “how does that feel?” hoping to get a set up that you like. Another thing to consider is that in most retail establishments, they make a commission or “spiff” on equipment sold. So, if they “sell” certain brands, they will make more money. Ever been to a store wanting a particular brand only to have the salesman suggest a different brand?

Now you know why. Maybe this is not the best choice for your fitting.

A Professional Fitting

When it comes to your golf game, you have choices. Don’t assume that every golf business offers the best club fitting. Think about it—just as a car salesman isn’t qualified to fix your car, not every golf shop is equipped to give you the perfect fit.

In this video, Master Club Fitter Doc Griffin takes you through a full professional fitting, giving you a clear idea of what to expect from a true expert. I invite you to watch and learn, and I’m here to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you for visiting Doc Griffin Golf. Let’s work together to improve your game!