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Golf lessons are best when done in a series and discounts are available.

Back to Basics Golf

As golf instructors, we are committed to giving helpful instruction to simplify an already difficult and daunting task – making a little white ball go where you want it to go. As PGA Master Teach Professional Don Trahan states, “The setup determines the motion.” With that in mind, we start at the very basic and fundamental aspects of the game and build up this framework.  Our concept is:  GETTING BACK TO THE BASICS, hence the name, “Back to Basics Golf”.  Our teaching is based on the concepts of Trahan’s Peak Performance Golf Swing. However, we are versed in other concepts as well.

doc griffin golf lessons instructor columbia scYou may schedule a lesson with our Master Teaching Professional and PPGS certified instructor. Lessons are best when done in a series and discounts are available. Please call for details and for group discounts. Lessons are tailored to meet your needs and can be scheduled at times that are most convenient for you. Length of lessons are also flexible and fees are based on time spent. Please call 803-798-1030 to schedule a lesson.

Cost: $50 per session

More Information about Golf Lessons

doc griffin golf lessons instructor facilities columbia scThe following outline is by no means a complete and exhaustive source of information but is intended to give you a quick reference point for the major aspects of a correctly executed golf swing. A word of caution: there are two basic swing planes in use, the one plane swing and the two plane swing. This seems simple enough in and of itself, but the characteristics of the two swings are very different and trying to combine aspects of the two swings is detrimental. For that reason, I would advise you to be very careful in seeking advice from others not familiar with this concept.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you. We are always available to help you in person, or you may call to receive help by phone once we have begun working together. Now, let’s begin with an overview of the basics.  We will be able to see whether you are a one or two plane swinger and direct your instruction along the correct path as we have opportunity to work one on one.

You are just an engineering genius in my opinion and this combined with the swing alignment you showed me has me shaving strokes off my handicap continually, I actually feel like I know what I’m doing now and approach the game with more confidence than ever, so thank you again for everything, you are a master at what you do

doc griffin custom golf club fitting with pga pro and pga tour player

Doc with PGA Tour Player DJ Trahan, Master PGA Pro Don Trahan, and Mrs. Doc Griffin

Three basic types: interlock, overlap, neutral or baseball grip and you should use the grip that feels the most comfortable for you!

The Golf Grip Explained

  1. The golf grip begins by placing the club in the left hand, loosely in the fingers, with the butt end of the shaft extending about the width of the thumb beyond the heel pad of the hand.
  2. Extend your left thumb across the grip to approximately the 1 o’clock position. Most of the grip pressure should be with your thumb and last three fingers at this point.
  3. Now, place the heel pad of the right hand over the left thumb and extend the right thumb across the grip to the 11 o’clock position. Grip pressure with the right hand is from the thumb and the second and third fingers.
  4. Pressure should be quite firm but you do not want TENSION caused by too tight a grip as this will prevent proper release of the club through impact position.
One of three types of stances may be used. They are: open, closed, square.

A square stance is certainly the most desirable but there are instances when you will use one of the others. The proper stance is necessary for having an athletic foundation to build the golf swing around. Your stance should be just slightly wider than shoulder width. Feet position should be what ever is comfortable to you. More than likely your feet will be positioned as you would if you were standing comfortably talking to a friend.

I advocate the left toe pointing approximately 45* to the left but this is not necessary if it is not comfortable to you. Your weight should be balanced over your feet, slight bend in the knees and it is key to be relaxed.

In the stance and swing, BALANCE is such a key element to a successful golf swing. More on the stance as we determine your swing plane as there are a few minor differences…

The swing consists of three parts: backswing, downswing, follow through.

This is where specific instruction will be tailored to your swing as these elements differ drastically between the one and two plane swings. Certainly there are some common aspects and I will cover those now.

The backswing starts with the left arm “pushing” the club back. The hands do not initiate the backswing. The weight never moves to the left in the backswing. One never tries to over swing, but must maintain rhythm and balance throughout the swing.

Ball position is critical in executing a proper swing and will be covered in detail.

Timing, the returning of the hands to address position and release, is also very critical. This aspect is something that is acquired through practice, practice, practice.  You should always feel that you are “swinging within yourself”, smoothly, continuous, and you should never feel as though you are “hitting” at the golf ball. The ball just happens to be in the path of the club head during the swing.

Be relaxed, stay balanced, and let it happen!

If you choose to take the complete 5 series lesson package, you will learn proper methods for shot alignment. You would think something so important to a golf shot would be explained by all teachers, but in truth very little instruction in alignment is offered. Instruction is also offered in regards to specific types of shots (knock down shots, bump and run, flop, etc.), specific areas of the game (driving, short game, putting, etc.), and course management. Of course these areas are for the more accomplished player and should be considered after a reasonable level of proficiency has been shown, i.e. the ability to break 100 consistently (hey, only 10% of all golfers and this includes club and touring pros break 100 consistently).

So, let’s start this journey with one thing is mind, we’re going to get you into the top 10% of all golfers and then continue to improve from there. I want to stress that the main thing you should take with you about golf is that it is a game that will last you for a life time and that FUN is the primary objective. After all, golf is just a game. Have fun, enjoy yourself and this wonderful world that God has created for us. Again, thank you for your time and trust and we look forward to working with you as you strive to learn this great game of GOLF!

J. Griffin,
USGTF certified instructor, PGTAA Class A Master Professional, International PGA Member
Swing Surgeon Certified Instructor

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